Summer Pockets Teaser and Release Date Revealed

It’s the season for giving and Key has been very generous this year, what with the numerous albums, merchandise, and even Little Busters! English edition on Steam. But their generosity doesn’t stop there, as they have just released a huge update for their upcoming game, Summer Pockets! They’ve just released the game’s official website which includes a teaser movie, character info, and game specs, all with an announced release date for the game: June 29, 2018. A summer release date for a very summer-y game feels quite fitting, don’t you think?

The teaser movie, as seen above, is narrated by Hana Kanazawa, whose voice should be familiar to many of you now, her having voiced both Kagari from Rewrite and Tenshi from Angel Beats. The movie showcases the different characters, as well as backgrounds from the game accompanied by a lovely piano BGM, which already sets the stage for this game quite well. You can find our translation of the PV in the video above.

The official website also showcases the character info page which shows our lovely cast in full color, for the first time. Most of the info on the page has already been revealed in Summer Pockets Rough Note. What does give us new info is the specification page, which shows, besides the release date, additional info for the game’s release. The game has been confirmed as all-ages, and will be released at a price point of 8,800 yen (plus tax). We expect this price to include additional goods as part of their first press limited release. They’ve also mentioned an addition to the artist roster, with Engiyoshi providing SD Character illustrations, which, while common in other modern VNs, is a first for Key’s library. Mizutsuki Ryou, a mainstay of Key since Little Busters!, has also been confirmed as part of the sound team.

Well this was a lot to take in, but we are all quite excited for this new release. Expect more info to come from Shinji Orito and Kai’s panel at comiket as well as from the February edition of Dengeki G’s, which will include a Summer Pockets Prelude Book. And we’ll be sure to keep everyone updated as more info comes out from these sources.

Key’s next game is finally becoming a reality, and I’m sure you’re all looking forward to it. If you have any ideas about the game so far, head on over to our pre-release discussion and speculation topic and pour out your thoughts!


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