Merchandise Revealed for KSL Live World 2018!

KSL Live World 2018 Merchandise Header

The merchandise lineup has been revealed for this year’s KSL Live World! We’ve previously posted about the amazing artist lineup here!

KSL Live World 2018 Original Goods

KSL Live World 2018 Pamphlet
1. KSL Live World 2018 Pamphlet (3,240 Yen)

This B4-sized full-colour pamphlet will be filled with information on the performing artists, as well as information on the upcoming Summer Pockets game. It will also include two CDs, Disc 1 is labelled KSL Ultimate Remixes with tracks from Charlotte, planetarian, CLANNAD/Tomoyo After, AIR, and Rewrite. You can listen to a crossfade of KSL Ultimate Remixes below. Disc 2 is labelled KSL Live World 10th Anniversary Discussion where CEO Takahiro Baba is joined by Aoi Tada, Rita, and Shinji Orito.

KSL Live World 2018 T-Shirts
2. KSL Live World 2018 Original T-Shirts (2,160 Yen each)

The first t-shirt features the key image of KSL Live World 2018, with the second featuring a SD illustration of Shiroha from Summer Pockets. These are both available in sizes S, M, L, and XL.

3. KSL Live World 2018 ‘Secret’ T-Shirt (2,160 Yen)

Purchasers will receive a voucher which can be exchanged for the t-shirt after the live. Looking at previous KSL Live World events, we predict that this will contain the concert’s setlist.

KSL Live World 2018 Towel
4. KSL Live World 2018 Original Muffler Towel (2,160 Yen)

Features a SD illustration of Shiroha, has a size of 200mm x 1100mm.

KSL Live World 2018 Penlight and Holder
5. KSL Live World 2018 Original Penlight (3,780 Yen) and KSL Live World 2018 Original Penlight Holder (2,700 Yen)

A penlight with the KSL Live 2018 key image. The penlight holder can hold up to two penlights.

KSL Live World 2018 Wristband
6. KSL Live World 2018 Original Wristband (1,080 Yen)

Contains the butterfly from the Summer Pockets logo, one size fits all (75mm x 80mm).

KSL Live World 2018 Bag
7. KSL Live World 2018 Original Bag (1,080 Yen)

Features SD illustration of Shiroha with a size of 400mm x 490mm.

KSL Live World 2018 Arcylic Keyholders
8. KSL World 2018 Original Acrylic Keyholders (600 Yen each)
KSL Live World 2018 Scissors Bag
9. KSL World 2018 Original Scissors Bag

Satsubatsu Kids - Merchandise designed by Jun Maeda (available during the event and limited general production)

The t-shirts are available in two colours khaki and gray for 5,400 Yen each. T-shirt designs can be found here (warning: graphic descriptions are mentioned in the shirt design).

Artist Merchandise

Soshite Genzitsue
1. Hyon’s 2nd Mini Album「Soshite Genzitsue」(1,500 Yen)

Contains four tracks by the singer Hyon from Satsubatsu Kids.

NanosizeMir The Best
2. NanosizeMir The Best

Originally sold at C91, this is a 2-disc compilation album containing the best of NanosizeMir from their nine year career! Their tracks from the Rewrite visual novel and TV series are also on the album. You can check out a crossfade of the album below.

3. REVIVES -Lia Sings beautiful anime songs-

An album of Lia’s covers of popular anime songs, we’ve written an article on album here.

jAcKp☆TrASH Original Towel
4. jAcKp☆TrASH Original Towel

This towel features jAcKp☆TrASH’s mascot ASH.

The merchandise will be available at KSL World 2018 on 6th May 2018 from 11am, non-ticket holders will also be able to purchase these. Has anything caught your eye, and will you be picking anything up? Let us know in the comments below!