KSL Live World is Making its Way to 2018!

KSL 2018

You’ve heard that right! The next KSL Live World has been announced, with a title of KSL Live World 2018 Summer Pockets & Key’s Best Night, and I have to say, this seems like the most promising one yet.

Announced a few weeks ago over their official Twitter account, with very little info, they’ve just yesterday updated the event website that’s gotten Key eventgoers pretty excited.

The artist guestlist speaks for itself just how amazing this event will end up. First up, we have Satsubatsu Kids, represented by Hyon and Jun Maeda himself! Hyon will be providing vocals for the group, and while we can’t expect Jun Maeda to be singing, we can look forward to hearing his killer guitar performances of the Hikikomori Songs album live.

Satsubatsu kids

Up next we have Suzuki Konomi, recently announced as the performer of the main theme of Summer Pockets, Alka Tale! It’ll definitely be exciting to see a pro such as herself heating up the concert grounds along with the rest of Key’s pro vocalists. And who knows, maybe she’ll perform more than just Alka Tale? I’m personally counting on an additional track on the upcoming single, or even an insert song for the upcoming game.

Suzuki Konomi

Next is Aoi Tada, who has been a regular for Key ever since her debut from Angel Beats. Definitely expect to hear a lot from her, especially her newer releases from the Rewrite anime.

Tada Aoi

The next performer is NanosizeMir, who should be familiar to Rewrite fans especially. Here’s hoping they perform some of the renewed versions of their hits from their recent solo album like Philosophyz and Sasayaka na Hajimari.


The next woman needs no introduction, being Key’s most popular vocalist, and having been involved in nearly all of Key’s works in one way or another. None other than Lia, and this couldn’t be Key’s Best Night without her.


Up next is Rita, who would best represent the Little Busters! franchise. It’s been a while since she’s been involved with Key, but they’ve been including her more and more over the recent years, what with her solo performance in Chara Expo Singapore, and her solo album from the last Comiket. And there is no better time to have her on than now, what with the success of Little Busters! English Edition.


The last performer for KSL Live World 2018 was a pretty big surprise for me, but a worthy inclusion nonetheless: riya, from eufonius. Most known in Key for her contributions for CLANNAD, it’ll be great to reminisce on these classics on what is set up to be Key’s Best Night. And hey, we might even get some good ol’ Love Song going on here.


While there may be some artists oddly not included in this event, the guest list is absolutely solid this time around. They weren’t joking about it being Key’s Best Night and I expect the setlist to include classics from almost all of Key’s series.

The event is scheduled for May 6, 2018, in Differ Ariake, Tokyo (the same venue for KSL 2015 ). Ticket sales start on March 10 via e-plus and will cost 6,800 yen for presale and 7,407 yen on the day itself (plus tax).

If you ever find yourself capable to be in Tokyo on May 6, this is an event you don’t wanna miss. And if you aren’t gonna miss it, let us know! And hey, you might be able to meet up with fellow Key fans like we did back in KSL 2016!

KSL 2016 meetup


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