Key's Bringing Live Streams to Hype up Kud Wafter

Kud Meter

Key has announced two special live streams as promotion for the Kud Wafter anime project crowdfund. First, on Tuesday 19/9, we’re getting a live drawing session with Na-Ga accompanied by Kai and Okano Touya. Secondly, on Friday 22/9, Suzuyu and Kitazawa Ayaka will hold a special concert. Both will be streamed via Youtube, so they’ll be available on demand afterwards as well.

As of writing, the Kud Wafter crowdfund has less than two weeks remaining and is 5 million yen off from the final stretch goal. Even with Kud Wafter being what it is, the idea of having live drawing sessions and concerts served up on a silver platter is very appealing, so please share your thoughts on this project in the comments.

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