Kazamatsuri.org Podcast: The Monthly Terra February 2015


We’re back with another edition of The Monthly Terra! Joining me this month are Bizkitdoh, LinkThinks and EisenKoubu! I decided to let Bizkitdoh take the reins of this episode to keep things fresh, so let him know what you think! Toward the end of the episode we chat about the 1 year anniversary of Kazamatsuri.org, and I ask the others to share some words about their experience with Kazamatsuri.org so far. I found their words very touching - definitely a highlight of the episode.

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1:55 - Angel Beats! OP/ED Available for Preorder

3:50 - Volume 8 of Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door Released

5:50 - Angel Beats! Character Poll Results

7:30 - Hibiki’s Magic Volume 4 Released

9:07 - Charlotte Exhibit Announced for AnimeJapan 2015

9:51 - Angel Beats! LINE Stickers

11:53 - Charlotte Scans

12:43 - Key 15th Radio Fes

14:05 - Rewrite Released on PS3

16:30 - Megami Engage! Quest

Quick note here - As someone on the forum corrected us, the game has characters from all Key games except Angel Beats!. Sorry about that misconception!

17:40 - VisualArt’s Comiket items available for purchase on official store

Little Busters! forum discussion renewed!

21:30 - Kazamatsuri.org One Year Anniversary Reflections

36:42 - ???

Music used:
My Soul, Your Beats! (Instrumental)
SSS - Heavenly Beats by LiLA’c Records
Alchemy - Crow Song by Girls Dead Monster
Reply - Rewrite & Rewrite Harvest festa! Arrange Album dye mixture
Boys Don’t CRY (Infinite Human Theorem Mix) - Luxurious Cattail by Lost Garden
God Bless You - Last Song by Girls Dead Monster
Brave Song (Heavenly Trance Mix) - Heavenly Beats by LiLA’c Records


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