Hibiki's Magic Volume 4 Released!


Jun Maeda’s personal side project Hibiki’s Magic has just seen it’s fourth volume released on the 26th of February! It is available for purchase for ¥626, and international buyers can choose to purchase a copy from CDJapan or amazon.co.jp. If you’re not familiar with buying from amazon.co.jp, here is a quick and dirty guide.

For a brief overview, Hibiki’s Magic is a manga written by Jun Maeda and illustrated by Rei Izumi which first began publication all the way back in 2005. It saw a second volume released the following year, but had since disappeared for a long time, until resurfacing with a third volume on the 26th of February 2014 nearly a decade later. Seeing as the fourth volume was released exactly one year after the third, perhaps this indicates a pattern the authors would like to see continue with future volumes of the manga. It is certainly surprising that Jun Maeda has found time to write this given the amount of work he’s been doing this past year, but we’re very happy to see it continue nonetheless!

If you’re interested in picking the story up, the first two volumes were officially localised by TOKYOPOP in 2007, and are still in circulation today. A quick search yields several results on amazon.com and ebay, so you should have no trouble finding it!




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