New Angel Beats! Heaven's Door Volume Releasing February 27th


Fans of the Angel Beats! series may or may not be excited to hear about the series’ official Heaven’s Door manga receiving another volume for purchase this upcoming week. As recently tweeted by the manga’s artist, Asami Yuriko, volume 8 of Heaven’s Door is up for preorder and is set to release on February 27th, 2015, closing in on a year since the release of the 7th volume in June of 2014.

Now for the bad news! What may be upsetting is that the series, its draw being that it’s Maeda’s continued development of the large Angel Beats! cast and their universe, has still not gotten an official translation or localization outside of the first three chapters being available for free on Comic Walker in March of 2014.

At any rate, if you can read Japanese, have hopes for even more Angel Beats! to see in the future or are just curious what else is going on with the series as a tease for the upcoming visual novel- There you have it! I’ve got my preorder ready!

The 8th volume of Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door, containing all chapters originally printed in Dengeki G’s Comics from post-June 2014 and into 2015, can be preordered on Amazon JP for 616 Yen (Shipping not included).

Note: Shipping may or may not be available in all areas.



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