Holy breaker, Batman! It's HOLY BREAKER! 2


Around this time last year, we suddenly received word that VisualArt’s would be releasing a new visual novel from Itaru Hinoue… but not under the Key brand. It was called HOLY BREAKER!, produced by Hinoue Itaru Design Office, written by Leo Kashida, and to be sold at winter Comic Market 87. As it turned out, the game sold so well there that less than a month after Comiket 87, they announced that not only would there be a retail release of the VN, but also that a sequel was in production!

Well here it is! HOLY BREAKER! 2 -The Wish in the Night of the Star Talers- will be sold at Comiket 89 for ¥3000 from December 29-31. But what if I can’t make it to Comiket, you say? Well you’re in luck! Because starting January 29, 2016, you will be able to purchase the general retail edition for ¥2000.

Along with this announcement, we also have sprites for two new characters that will be debuting in this sequel:


Satin Scwarzwald (left) and Licht Jarveden (right)

As far as we know, HOLY BREAKER! 2 has the same staff as the original, with (obviously) art by Itaru Hinoue (CLANNAD, Rewrite), scenario by Leo Kashida (Tomoyo After, Angel Beats! -1st beat-), and music by Donmaru (Hatsukoi 1/1, Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai).

Unfortunately, we still have yet to see a translation for the first game (and no one has heard from Skyspear for half a year). But is anyone who read/bought the original excited for this sequel? I haven’t heard much about it, but it does look like it could be an interesting game. I will definitely look into it once we get a translation (or I learn enough Japanese, whichever comes first).

Thanks once again to forum member Rabla for the tip!
Official H.I. design office website: http://itaru-designoffice.product.co.jp/holy_breaker/


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