HOLY BREAKER! Retail Release and Sequel Confirmed!


The title says it all, friends. HOLY BREAKER!, a short VN designed by Itaru Hinoue and written by Leo Kashida, is getting a retail release and a sequel due to how well it was recieved and widely requested post Comiket 87.

The short novel was originally to be sold exclusively at Comiket, but this is no longer true- HOLY BREAKER! is to be released for retail purchase on February 27th of this year, with preorders going live on 23rd of January. The novel is to be sold for 2,800 yen.

Oh, and as you already know, that’s not all. It’s now been confirmed that a sequel to HOLY BREAKER! is on the way!

Special thanks to Kazamatsuri.org member Rabla for bringing this to my attention!

The official news and source of this information can be found here: http://itaru-designoffice.product.co.jp/holy_breaker/


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