Angel Beats! Heaven's Door Manga Licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment


5 years coming and just a week after the long awaited release of the Visual Novel’s first volume- Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door has been officially licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment and is due for its first release in North America on February 9th, 2016.

Written by Jun Maeda and illustrated by Asami Yuriko, Heaven’s Door, known for being a large player in hyping up the VN, is a prequel to the events of the Angel Beats! game and anime. It greatly expands upon the large cast in the series by developing their personalities and showing how most of them came to be a part of the SSS, information that wasn’t able to make the cut for the well known anime. The manga is an invaluable piece of the Angel Beats! multimedia franchise, serving as new information about the events of the series from another perspective, as well as teasing fans for what awaits in the VN. A must read, indeed- and an ongoing series with its most recent release in February of this year!

The North American releases’ first volume is set to be sold for $12.99 in the US and $14.99 in Canada. Expect more updates as the release approaches.

A brief overview of the Angel Beats! series’ history, including Heaven’s Door, can be read on our site here, and we look forward to more discussion when the time comes on our forum! Until then.



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