Summer Pockets Soundtrack Released Digitally

Pockets OST Itunes Release

Without much of a heads-up the Summer Pockets OST has been put up for purchase on various music services. The soundtrack consists of 48 tracks, originally spread over 3 discs. Personally I hope we can also see a similar release for the C95 character songs because they’re great.

You can purchase it on iTunes and Google Play

Below is the soundtrack preview from official Visual Arts channel.

I know the soundtrack may not be relevant to the many who’ve yet experienced the game, as we are currently waiting for Alka Translations’s Common route patch. The December update showed there was still quite a chunk of lines left. They did ask for volunteers for bug testing at the start of the month, so if you want better information that’s probably the place to start.

Regardless, more Key music available to more people is always a good thing! Let us know if you pick this up.


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