Tomoyo After: Dungeons & Takafumis Leaderboard Update


A month ago on the 30th of September, Tomoyo After received an update on Steam which both addresses bugs and more importantly adds Steam Leaderboards support for the mini-game Dungeons & Takafumis! This allows you to upload your total days used upon completing Dungeons & Takafumis to a global leaderboard, to see where you rank relative to others. The days used is calculated by how many times you retreat from battle +1. You can view the current leaderboards here. I can see a few of our own forum members on that list!

As someone who never managed to finish the game and found myself retreating repeatedly, I’m amazed that somebody was able to clear all 50 floors with a score of 5 days. Even the 7 that a couple of our members achieved is super impressive! You guys are blessed with Takafumi’s talent.

If you’d like to see your name up on that list, be sure to complete Dungeons & Takafumis again! It won’t count if you completed the game before the update, but if you have a save just before the final boss, you can load that up and upload your score from there! And if you’d like somewhere to ask questions, brag or strategise, visit our Dungeons & Takafumis topic!

Great to see the Key community actually competing over something for once.


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