Tomoyo After Bookclub Podcast Finale: After Arc

Here we are with the fourth and final entry in the Tomoyo After Bookclub Podcast, discussing the After arc. This arc took a huge toll on me, and I was fresh out of my reading as of recording, so you should be able to feel my pain. Anticipate plenty of gushing over why this Visual Novel is actually pretty damn amazing and deserves more love. Your hosts for this podcast are myself Aspirety, together with Pepe, Karifean, and our Tomoyo After Bookclub MVP: Mogaoscar! Apologies for taking so long to get this out and for some lacking audio quality; this episode was a technical and logistical nightmare. BUT WE DID IT.

A big warm thank you to all the forum members for their discussion of this arc. Shoutouts to Karifean, DangoDaikazoku, OctoberPumpkin, HeliosAlpha, EisenKoubu, BlackHayate02, Sonic112003, VyseGolbez, and Mogaoscar! And a massive thank you to all who contributed fanart for the Bookclub! We included a few of them in the podcast video.

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With this, the Tomoyo After Bookclub has come to a close. Thank you to all who joined us on this journey. See you again for the Harmonia Bookclub!


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