Tomoyo After Bookclub Podcast 3: Tomo Arc

Welcome back for the third entry in the Tomoyo After Bookclub Podcast, discussing the Tomo arc. Definitely a stand-out amongst the other arcs so far, this arc treads on some relatively untouched ground for Key. In this podcast we share our perspectives on whether or not the resolution left us satisfied or not, and why. Your hosts for this podcast are Aspirety, Pepe, Karifean, and Mogaoscar.

A big warm thank you to all the forum members for their discussion of this arc! Shoutouts to Octoberpumpkin, DangoDaikazoku, EisenKoubu, Sonic112003, cloud668 and Mogaoscar! We’re in the midst of discussing the After arc on the forum, so be sure to head on over to the topic and give us lots to talk about for our final podcast this weekend! I’m so excited to see how this story ends.

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