Little Busters! English Edition has been released!


The wait is over. 10 years since the original release in Japan, 6 years since the English fan translation, 3 years since the anime finished airing, and 2 years since this release was announced. Today, the 1st of November 2017, Little Busters English Edition has finally been released, and at 20% off too! Muscle has finally taken over the world.

This also means the Kazamatsuri Little Busters Bookclub has officially commenced! If you haven’t heard, it’s a big event in which we invite you to join us in reading through Little Busters English Edition with our community, to share our thoughts and analysis on the series as we read, to celebrate the series through fanworks, and have plenty of dumb laughs along the way. We’d love for you to join us!

Honestly, I don’t have anything to say. Heckin Little Busters is out in English! It’s the moment I’ve been dreaming of, for so many years, and it’s certainly something I never believed would happen when I first created Kazamatsuri. To be able to experience this story with you all once more will be an incredible pleasure. Well, I can’t stay for long, I need to get reading! See you in the Bookclub.


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