Little Busters Bookclub Podcast 4: Kurugaya Route

We had to take a break for Christmas, but we’re back once more for another podcast! For this episode, I Aspirety am joined by Bizkitdoh, Pepe, MagusVerborum, Mogaoscar and Zosonte as we examine the dream of a certain misunderstood girl. Hopefully this one provides some new perspective on how to think of this route. About mid-way through the podcast we get into newcomer Magus’s grand theory of Little Busters and how this applies to Kurugaya route; we’ve clearly marked where it is in the video so you can choose to listen or skip over it as you please.

Thanks once more to all the forumers for their discussion of the route, and congratulations to Odinbeard_Mcsparkles for achieving the prestige of our Kurugaya Route MVP! And thanks to Takafumi for his Fanart of Kurugaya. Next weekend we’re recording Haruka, so make sure to give us lots of discussion in the forum topic to draw upon!

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