Little Busters Bookclub Podcast 2: Mio Route

The Kazamatsuri Little Busters Podcast continues, with our very first heroine route: Mio! In this episode I Aspirety am joined by Bizkitdoh, grooven, Naoki_Saten and Zosonte as we pour over different interpretations of the route, consolidating all of the community discussion and fanworks up to this point. I am very proud of this particular podcast; we dived into some pretty deep discussion on the nature of the mind and how it relates to the duplicity of Mio and Midori, as well as some of the core messages of the route. It’s definitely the kind of route you can really seek your teeth into.

Thanks to all the forumers for their discussion of the route, all of you put forward some amazing ideas this time around, and there was a lot of interaction between members as they debated certain things. Special mention to the ongoing dialogue between Bread and Naoki_Saten; the latter of whom has been commended as our Mio Route MVP!

And thank you also to BlackHayate02 and MAEBATAME for their wonderful Mio Fanart. This weekend we’re recording Komari, keep the submissions coming and you could win one of our wonderful prize packs!

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