Little Busters Bookclub Podcast 1: Common Route

The Little Busters Bookclub is chugging along at a steady pace, and at long last the very first podcast is ready for your enjoyment! In this episode I Aspirety am joined by Bizkitdoh, Yerian, MagusVerborum and wha2les as we discuss our impressions of the common route and the Rin1 ending, consolidating all of the community discussion and fanworks up to this point. It’s quite a long first podcast, but there’s just so much to talk about right off the bat (pun intended), so we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording! This podcast is gonna be something special, I’m sure of it.

Thanks to all the forumers for their discussion of the route. It’s pretty insane just how much discussion we got for a mere common route. Special shoutouts to the day-by-day reflections of Magus; they earned you the honor of being our Common Route MVP!

Also, shoutouts to our Doodle Contest and everyone who entered, it was a hilarious success. Don’t let us stop you though; if you have more fanworks of Little Busters to share, please post them in our Fanart Topic, and you could go in the running to win our Best Musician or Best Artist prize! Next podcast is Mio. It’s already recorded, so I hope to edit it and get it up as soon as I can, please look forward to it!

As always, you can subscribe to our xml feed here, or download an mp3 of the podcast here.

All music used in this podcast is the property of its’ respective rights holders. Message me if you’d like the source of any music used!


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