Little Busters! 10th Anniversary Commemorative Podcast

In commemoration of Little Busters’ 10th Anniversary on the 27th of July, we’ve gathered to record a podcast celebrating a decade of being in the Little Busters fandom! This podcast is free of any significant spoilers, but for those looking to go into Little Busters completely blind, we’ll be talking about the plot in vague detail so please use your own discretion before tuning in. I’m Aspirety and I’m joined by co-admin Pepe, together with co-admin, webmaster and long-time Little Busters fangirl Technololigy, and lead editor of the Little Busters translation project Phlebas! It’s a very informal podcast and we went off on some unexpected tangents, particularly regarding the visual novel industry of years past, but we hope you nonetheless hope you find our ramblings insightful and entertaining.

As always, you can subscribe to our xml feed here, or download an mp3 of the podcast here.

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