Kazamatsuri Chorus - Light Colors

Originally intended as part of the Tomoyo After Bookclub, the long-awaited Light Colors Kazamatsuri Chorus is finally complete! Forumers Bizkitdoh, VyseGolbez, RyuuTamotsu, Aspirety, Iotheria and Pepe join together to sing the opening song of Tomoyo After. We’ve put a bit of extra effort into making this release look and sound nice, so we hope you appreciate the result!

This one took some extra special effort since Light Colors doesn’t have a karaoke version, so our guest editor Spikeness had to do his best to remove Lia’s vocals from the song while preserving the instruments as much as possible. There’s still some slight echo of Lia in there, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! And we can’t go without mentioning forumer Natsume’s awesome work on the subtitles! I’ll definitely be dragging him for work on more projects in the future.

Please enjoy! Please look forward to a Little Busters Chorus at some point in the future!


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