Weekly Charlotte Music Update #1


As we’re slowly getting into the groove of the currently-airing Charlotte anime, we’ve been hearing more and more music from the series. From the Opening and Ending to the BGM tracks, Charlotte has proven to be a trove of great music. But it doesn’t end there! We still have a lot to come from the two in-series bands: How-Low-Hello and ZHIEND!

Firstly, recently uploaded on the VisualArt’s Official Youtube Channel is a sample of a new song from How-Low-Hello entitled Singer Days! You can view the video down below:

Also revealed, this time on the weekly Charlotte radio, is a sample of a new song from ZHIEND, entitled scar on face, which you can also view below:

Both of these in-series bands are sounding amazing so far, and we’ve got a whole lot more songs to come! Interestingly enough, neither of these songs have been confirmed to be included in the singles to be released in September. I hope to be able to hhear the full versions of both of these songs in the upcoming albums, though!

Credits to Zak89 for sharing the video of scar on face on our forums!


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