VisualArt's Reveals Their Line-up of Merchandise for Character1

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On April 30 VisualArt’s will be attending Character1 at Tokyo Big Sight. Other than giving more details on Little Busters English Edition alongside Prototype, they are bringing a wide range of Key merchandise to sell. You can check the full list of available items here, but some images are not entirely safe for work. I will highlight a select number of items, however you can also find a full list at the bottom of the article.

If you’re unable to attend the event but wish to buy any of the items, I recommend that all dangos go ask RyuuTamotsu for help over in this topic. Most purchases can be solved with his help.


Definitely the most extravagant items available are the special, signed art pieces made with reflective layering. Key first sold this kind of art at Anime Central last year with 30 exclusive Rewrite pieces, but now they’ve also included Harmonia and Summer Pockets. The description says each item is signed by one of the creators involved with the series, though it’s not clear who. The stock is extremely limited at only 5 copies of each piece, and they also carry the hefty price tag of 40 000 yen. So for anyone who has the funds to spare, these look absolutely gorgeous.


Another luxurious item is this flower themed A3 Angel wall scroll drawn and signed by Na-Ga. This item will cost you 30,000 yen; however, the art itself is also available on a tote bag and a power bank (Note that it might be hard to have power banks shipped outside of Japan).


Next up, featuring art from Na-Ga’s art book Rindou, is a Little Busters! blanket. The item is 900mm×650mm for 5000 yen. Far more affordable than the above items, this is still a fantastic artwork even if it puts the best girl in the back.


As the final highlight, we have this year’s adorable collection of can badges. For only 300 yen, you receive a random badge out of the 12 kinds available. The possible badges are: Kanon’s Makoto, Air’s Kanna, Clannad’s Fuko, Planetarian’s Yumemi, Tomoyo After’s Tomoyo, Little Busters!’s Komari, Kud Wafter’s Kud, Rewrite’s Kotori, Angel Beats!’s Yuri, Charlotte’s Yusa, Harmonia’s Shiona, and a special secret one.

Here is a list of the remaining items:

  • Nobori Banners featuring Angel. 1800x600mm for 2000 yen. 300x100mm for 1000 yen.

  • Two tapestries with art from Angel Beats! and Rewrite Ignis Memoria. These are B2 size for 3000 yen each.

  • A tapestry storage bag with Angel Beats motif. This item is 1700mm×800mm for 2500 yen.

  • A set of Angel Beats! clear posters featuring the art from the Blu-ray boxes. Two 420×594mm posters for 2000 yen.

  • A Girls Dead Monster based mobile cover. 2500 yen for either 77mm×140mm or 85mm×150mm size.

  • A bath towel featuring Angel in a bathing suit. 5000 yen for a 1400mm×800mm towel.

  • An Angel tote bag for 1500 yen.

  • An Angel power bank for 3000 yen.

  • A Chibimoth based bunker ring for 2000 yen.

  • The I’ve × Key Collaboration Album for 3000 yen.

  • A sheet of Girls Dead Monster stickers for 1500 yen.

  • A number of dakimakura covers for 12 000 yen each. The characters featured are Yuri, Iwasawa, Yui, Nishimori Yusa, and two different ones with Angel.

We’re looking forward to covering this event when our Japan correspondent RyuuTamotsu visits, but in the meantime, have any of these goods caught your eye? Let us know what you’ll be picking up!


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