The Monthly Terra: May 2014


Once again, welcome to The Monthly Terra. Here we’ll be providing a summary of our presence on Twitter over the month of May to fill you in on any cool stuff you may have missed, and in doing so provide a recap of any and all happenings over the month. If there’s anything especially important that I think you should see, such as news that didn’t get posted on the blog,  it’ll be displayed in bold. Let’s get started!
May 1: Forum member Takafumi starts work on spriting Suginami for Little Busters!

Got a bit of discussion going. Who’s your favourite underappreciated Key character?

May 2: Ended up missing Naoyuki’s birthday, but gave him a few retweets.
Kotarou Tennouji’s birthdayDiscussion thread here. He didn’t get as much love as some other Key characters, but there were a couple of tweets.
Forum spotlight. How did you first discover Key?
An update on Takafumi’s Suginami sprite.
May 4: Kyousuke Natsume’s Birthday! There were heaps of tweets for him; he’s still a very popular character. And so the May birthday rush comes to a close.
May 5: Sayuri Kurata’s Birthday! Kanon girls don’t get as much love these days, but I did see this nice cosplay.
I stumble upon @tsukigusa’s Twitter account, where he regularly posts Rewrite fanart. Pretty cool account to follow! I end up RTing all of his new art.
A new mission begins: Let’s connect with Key Fans around the world!
May 10: Happy Birthday to Natsumi Yanase, voice actor of Komari Kamikita!
May 11: The community’s latest project: building the Little Busters school in MinecraftYou can view an album of our progress here.
May 13: Kotomi Ichinose’s Birthday! Discussion thread hereHere’s one tweet I liked.
May 13 is also significant for another reason in the Key fandom. It’s the date that Little Busters’ story begins! I created a thread to commemorate it, and started posting mini-reflections for each day of the common route. Eventually I couldn’t keep up the pace, but I plan to finish it when I have some time.
Forum member Bonecuss teases a project of his own: recreating the Little Busters baseball minigame.
May 14: Kitazawa Ayaka’s First Album Production Project Update
May 15: Little Busters! EX OP in Minecraft. This gave us a good laugh.
The Little Busters! Card Mission art exhibit! I didn’t post about it on the blog, but I did a bunch of RTs instead.
May 16: It reaches my attention that Key Collection has come to an end.
May 17: <a href=""><strong>The First volume of Naoki Hisaya’s light novel was released.</strong></a>
May 18: I announce that I’m in the process of planning a Suginami fan story.
May 19: Dorj weighs 39kg?
Screenshot by Rabla of our Little Busters Minecraft progress.
May 27: I share my Little Busters tribute video, "No More Crying".
May 29: Global Collaborative Arrange Album ‘Rebirth’ Fan Album Released!

Little Busters!: Refrain DVD & BD Vol. 5 LE Released
And that concludes the month of May! Sorry we were a bit late on this one, we’ll try to have them out in a more timeline fashion in future. Let us know if you like or dislike these updates in the discussion thread, or if you have anything  at all you want to say, don’t be shy!


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