「key15th」 / 「clannad10th」 Global Collaborative Arrange Album 'Rebirth' Fan Album Released!


After a bit of a wait, and with many people wondering what became of it, Global Collaborative Arrange Album Rebirth has been published online! You can download it free of charge right now.

A bit of history, and some personal thoughts. First I heard of this album’s existence was as a reward for Steven Schoenwald’s (aka Clannad_Man) controversial Key documentary kickstarter. The project was hastily abandoned, and Steven has kinda dropped off the radar after the affair. My personal opinion about the whole fiasco is that Steven made some pretty terrible decisions, and got what was coming to him. That said, a small part of me empathises with him, as I don’t think anyone could doubt that his passion for Key was genuine.

So, it may turn some people away to hear that Steven himself is the organiser of this album. Here’s my request for all of you: put your personal feelings for Steven aside. What happened happened, but I’d like for people to treat this album as it’s own individual thing, and not reject it because it has Steven’s name on it.

The album is a collection of fan-arrangements of different Key works to celebrate both the 15th Anniversary of Key and the 10th Anniversary of Clannad. It brings together the musical talents of Key fans from all across the world; some you may have heard of before. I encourage you all to give it a listen. This album was most certainly a labour of love. It covers a diverse range of genres and styles, and while not all of the songs on the album will appeal to you, I encourage you to give it a good listen, because there’s some great arrangements in there.

I give my sincere thanks to all the people who worked on the album, even Steven himself. If you like what you hear, I invite you to check out the artist’s other works. I’ve done the hard work for you and gone looking and found links to most of the artists’ webpages, which I’ve provided below. And if any of you listed here find us here and want to join our community of Key fans, we’d be happy to have you!


Aaron McLaughlin
Bruno Murai
Dan DeSimone (aka 8BitBrigadier)
Daniel Ngo (aka BaddyDan)
Devon Bordonaro (aka Daymaul)
Elias Ilyas Yasin
Frank Tedesco
Kuri Hiwatari (aka Kurichan35)
Joanna Lee (aka xclassicalcatx)
Jonathan Parecki (aka jparecki95)
Kwok He Chu (aka Hereson0)
Kyle Landry
Moisés Nieto (aka HollowRiku)
Ng Jun Yan
Ro Panuganti (aka Swiggles1987)
Tera Catallo
The Setting Sun
And also Soyoung Lee (aka Dizzyworld2) designed the album cover and booklet.

If you have any corrections I need to make to that list, let me know.


Disc 1 (key15th)

I. Makoto’s Farewell
Original Composition

  1. Natsukage
    Kwok He Chu / Hiwatari Kuri
    Based off of ’Natsukage’ by Jun Maeda

  2. Shining in the Sky
    Bruno Murai
    Based off of ‘Sora ni Hikaru’ by Magome Togoshi

  3. Key Classic Medley
    Based off of the following: ‘Last regrets’ by Jun Maeda / ‘Tori no Uta’ by Shinji Orito / ‘Alicemagic’ by Shinji Orito / ’Negai ga Kanau Basho’ by Jun Maeda

  4. Gentle jena
    Kwok He Chu
    Based off of ‘Gentle Jena‘ by Magome Togoshi

  5. Esperanza
    Moisés Nieto
    Based off of ‘Hope’  by Jun Maeda

  6. Holding Back
    Aaron McLaughlin
    Original Composition

  7. Nuestro Viaje
    Moisés Nieto
    Based off of ‘Bokura no Tabi’ by Shinji Orito & Kai

  8. One’s Word
    The Setting Sun
    Based off of ‘One’s Word‘ by Jun’ichi Shimizu

  9. My Soul, Your Beats!
    Jonathan Parecki
    Based off of ‘My Soul, Your Beats!‘ by Jun Maeda

  10. Crow Song
    Ro Panuganti /Tera Catallo
    Based off of ‘Crow Song’ by Jun Maeda

  11. Key Modern Medley
    Based off of the following: ‘My Soul,Your Beats!’ by Jun Maeda / ‘Haruka Kanata’ by Jun Maeda /’Philosophyz’ by Shinji Orito & Yūto Tonokawa / ‘Tabi’ by Jun Maeda

  12. lchiban no Takaramono
    Tera Catallo /Joanna Lee
    Based off of ‘lchiban no Takaramono’ by Jun Maeda

14. Journey
Ng jun Yan
Based off of ‘Tabi’ by Jun Maeda

  1. Fight for Nowhere
    The Setting Sun
    Based off of ‘Fight for nowhere’ by Shinji Orito

  2. Sophrosyne
    Original Composition

Disc 2 (clannad10th)

  1. Dango Daikazoku
    Kwok He Chu / Hiwatari Kuri
    Based off of ‘Dango Daikazoku’ by Jun Maeda

  2. Mag Mell
    Elias llyas Yasin
    Based off of ‘Mag Mell’ by Eufonius

  3. Hurry Starfish
    Devon Bordonaro
    Based off of ‘Hurry, Starfish’ by Magome Togoshi

  4. Étude Pour les Petites Supercordes
    Dan DeSimone
    Based off of ‘Étude Pour les Petites Supercordes’ by Magome Togoshi

  5. Roaring Ocean
    Daniel Ngo / JoyDreamer
    Based off of ‘Uminari’ by Shinji Orito

  6. A Christmas Dango
    Kwok He Chu / Hiwatari Kuri
    Based off of ‘Chiisana Tenohira’ by Jun Maeda

  7. To the Same Heights
    Joanna Lee / Daniel Ngo
    Based off of ’Onaji Takami e’ by Jun Maeda

  8. Shining in the Sky
    Kyle Landry
    Based off of ‘Sora ni Hikaru’ by Magome Togoshi

  9. Love and Spanner
    Jonathan Parecki
    Based off of the following: ‘Mag Mell’ by Eufonius / ‘Fortune Card‘ by Shinii Orito & Leo Kashida / ‘Tsuki no lsou’ by Shinji Orito / ‘Country Train’ by Jun Maeda / ’Kochi’ by Shinji Orito

  10. Kaisou
    Frank Tedesco
    Original Composition

  11. Dango Daikazoku (Instrumental)
    Kwok He Chu
    Based off of ‘Dango Daikazoku’ by Jun Maeda

12.A Christmas Dango (Instrumental)
Kwok He Chu
Based off of ‘Chiisana Tenohira‘ by Jun Maeda




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