The K.E.Y. Giveaway: Share and win Tomoyo After!


Art by BlackHayate02

Congratulations Kazamatsuri! After 2 years of support from Key fans around the world, we have finally reached 2000 likes on Facebook! This is a huge milestone, and we think a giveaway in commemoration of this achievement is in order!

The K.E.Y., our community-made fanbook, has been receiving a steady stream of creative work and text content contributions since we announced it a month ago. But I think it’s time to give it a bit of a boost! Let’s spread the word of the project far and wide!

For our giveaway, we’ll be raffling off three Steam Keys of Tomoyo After, generously provided by VisualArt’s themselves! With this, you’ll be ready to participate in our upcoming Tomoyo After Bookclub on the 15th of August! To enter, all you have to do is share this article:

Or you can Retweet this Tweet:

While these are required, there are numerous ways to earn additional entries in the raffle to increase your chances of winning! Here’s the details.

  • A social media share or Twitter Retweet will earn you 1 entry each! That’s 1 for twitter, and 1 for everything else (Facebook, Tumblr, Blog etc), so you can’t just share it everywhere and expect more entries. You will need to provide you own proof that you’ve shared it. At least one of these is required.

  • Being a Dango-rank member on the forum will automatically grant you 2 additional entries! To gain Dango rank, you just need to participate on the forum for a few days!

  • Posting a creative work or written content contribution to The K.E.Y. will earn you another 2 additional entries!

  • In total, if you satisfy all these requirements, you can maximise your chances with 6 entries!

Just leave a post in the comments of this article, providing proof that you’ve shared the article or Retweeted the Tweet, either through screenshots or links to the shared posts. We’ll tally up your entries from there! If you’ve already satisfied the requirements in the past, don’t worry, you don’t need to re-share or post something new to The K.E.Y., just make sure you show us that you’ve shared the news in the past!

We’ll be closing the giveaway and announcing the winners on the 13th of August. That gives you a week to enter, and 2 days to get ready for the Tomoyo After Bookclub, which we hope you’ll join us for!

It’s our hope that we can unite the international Key fandom to help The Key Enthusiast Yearbook become an incredible testament to the community’s passion and love for Key. Let’s make sure as many Key fans know about it as possible!

Good luck to all who enter! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.

Congratulations to our winners!




We’ll be contacting you guys to send you your prizes now! Thanks to all who entered, we hope we can count on your continued support of The K.E.Y.!


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