Sentai Filmworks Is (finally) Licensing Little Busters! EX OVAs


Sentai first announced their acquisition of the Little Busters!: Refrain anime almost 3 years ago. However, despite the 8 EX OVAs originally being bundled with the Japanese BD/DVD releases; apparently Sentai’s license only covered the core 13-episode season. As a result, for the past several years there has been no legal method by which to obtain the OVAs in English.

However, that may soon change. Just an hour ago, Sentai Filmworks tweeted that they have finally obtained the license for the EX OVAs.

So what exactly does this news mean for the English viewer?

As of now, we have no confirmation of anything aside from the acquisition of the EX rights. One would normally assume that the release of English BDs/DVDs would soon follow; but, as Sentai has proven in the past with Refrain, it could be a year or more before we see an English release. It’s also a safe assumption that the release will likely include English voice acting, as Sentai has dubbed the Western releases so far.

UPDATE: A release date of December 6 has been confirmed!


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