Little Busters! Refrain Anime to release in English in 2015


Sentai Filmworks have announced that they will be releasing Little Busters! Refrain on DVD and Blu-Ray on the 20th of January, 2015. Sentai’s acquistion of the series was announced in late 2013 with a promise of a 2014 release, so it’s been a long wait, but very soon customers in North America will finally be able to own the conclusion to the Little Busters! anime series in English. The release contains all 13 episodes with both an English dub, and Japanese dub with English subtitles. Distribution in other countries is bound to follow shortly after the release in North America. It will be releasing with an SRP of $59.98 USD and $69.98 USD for DVD and Blu-Ray respectively.

To our knowledge, there’s been no news of a localisation of the Little Busters! EX series of OVAs yet, but we’ll be sure to report if any news does arise.

Will you be picking this release up? I know my collection of Blu-Rays is feeling lonely without the conclusion of the story, but living in Australia, I’ll be patiently waiting for Hanabee Entertainment to bring it here.


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