CLANNAD Steam Store Page Published with Release Date!


Just over one year since the CLANNAD Official English Release Kickstarter launched, Sekai Project have just now published the Steam Store page for this most awaited visual novel! But what is the only little detail that could be even more exciting than that? How about the fact that, after months of fans waiting on their toes in anticipation, it has also been announced that CLANNAD will drop on Steam on Monday, November 23 at 12PM PST! That’s right! You have 10 more days to prepare yourself, and then we go full CLANNAD mode, starting with the commencement of the CLANNAD Bookclub on the same day.

Of course along with the Steam page come several new screenshots showing off the game’s new HD graphics! And don’t forget the other new features such as the Dangopedia and Steam Achievements.


SunoharaHD has arrived!

Sekai also released a bunch of other new details in their Production Update along with this release date, which you can read about in our article here. And thanks again to Sekai Project for the amazing interview they conducted with us, illuminating the inner workings of the CLANNAD localization project and its staff. If you haven’t read it yet you’re missing out!

I think that is the most exclamation points I’ve ever put in one article. But this is seriously exciting: after a year of waiting, it’s finally gonna be in our hands. Remember that you have until the 18th to enter to win one of three Steam keys we will be raffling off! And don’t forget to tell us how excited you are and all your other thoughts about this huge news! CLANNAD Bookclub here we come!


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