CLANNAD Official English Release Kickstarter Production Update #6


Sekai Project has just dropped what is probably the most awaited Kickstarter Update yet: The announcement of the release date for CLANNAD on Steam, which you can check out in our article here. But even as exciting as that is by itself, we have also been given a huge new set of updates on the rest of the rewards.

Firstly, new information on the status of the physical rewards: As previously stated, due to unforeseeable delays, they will not be shipped in time to match up with the Steam release. However, Sekai reports that the tapestries and soundtracks are all set and ready to go now. They should be arriving next month, and new info regarding the physical rewards should be coming soon.

The Guidebook, which now contains the names of over 3400 backers, is also just getting some finishing touches and will soon be sent off to the presses. The Anthology manga, headed on a similar path, has had a steady influx of rough draft translations, as well as having started the review process.

The first build of the CLANNAD Side Stories: Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de is now in the hands of Sekai Project, and the first round of testing will begin shortly. And finally, as mentioned earlier, CLANNAD has been uploaded to Steam: it’s currently going through final testing, during which both the QA team and VisualArt’s Staff are running through the whole thing, picking out all the last bugs.

Phew! That’s a lot. The day is finally upon us, guys. In less than two weeks, we will begin the CLANNAD Bookclub, so don’t miss your last chance to win one of the three Steam keys we will be giving away on November 18. Spread the word, and let us hear your thoughts as the long wait comes to a close.


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