~rindou~Na-Ga Art Works to be sold at Key 15th Fes.


Forum member @Lilu has brought to our attention that earlier this week, Key announced an item that would be made available for sale at the Key 15th Fes: an A4 size artbook by Na-Ga titled ~rindou~ Na-Ga Art Works. The book will feature artwork of the cast of Little Busters!, Kud Wafter, Angel Beats! and Charlotte. The book will likely be made available for purchase to the general public at a later date, but a special ‘Luxury Binding Edition’ will be selling exclusively at Key 15th Fes, valued at ¥8000. They seem to be strongly emphasizing the quality of the binding, so you can expect it to be very high quality at that price. While that price may sound exorbitant to some, it may interest you to know that this edition will be packaged with an English & French commentary booklet. What exactly the booklet may contain remains yet to be known, but it’s very humbling as international fans to finally be receiving some acknowledgement from Key! Who knows, this may be a sign that the luxury binding edition may be made available for purchase at Key’s international event appearances: Chara Expo in Singapore, Japan Expo Paris and Anime Expo in Los Angeles. For more information about the slew of events Key will be attending in the coming months, view this post.

More information about the artbook can be found here: http://key.visualarts.gr.jp/event/rindou/


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