planetarian Movie Adaptation: Additional Details Revealed


Looks like the little bit of news revealed yesterday was true after all. And boy, is it great news! VisualArt’s have now reverted their website back to normal, and the old planetarian teaser site now has a link to the official project website. Check it out at

This website has a whole bunch of details, too! The movie adaptation is going to be handled by david production, recently well-known for animating the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure series adaptation. There’s also a little countdown on the website for an event scheduled on April 15, 2016 at 6:30 PM, Japan time. The event will be livestreamed on NicoNico Douga where people from around the world can witness the first unveiling of the details of the planetarian animation project. We hope you are hyped as we are, and make sure to discuss any ideas you have for this adaptation in our forum topic. Cheers!


Resident writer that attempts to decrypt moonrunes to give you the news that we all can’t read.