planetarian Anime Movie Announced!

It’s April 1st, you know what that means! Key announcements everywhere! On Key’s official website, the page has been updated with promotions for four upcoming Key movies, the biggest being “Mahou no Daisan Wakusei” Creamy☆Kagarin! Along with that however, are three additional movies, as part of a ~Splendid Simultaneous Screening~, scheduled for a Summer 2016 roadshow:

  • Masato - The Raging Muscle of Death -

  • planetarian

  • Chibimoth’s heartful hide and seek

But if you look at the page, only one of these links is remotely credible (and actually links to anything). As you can see above, an animated PV for planetarian was published on VisualArt’s Youtube channel. I think it’s safe to say this is the grain of truth in a heap of joke announcements!

The text of the PV was translated below by forum member HeliosAlpha:

Key presents.
A beautifully moving Sci-fi story.
In a forgotten and closed off city.
A misled man and an ever waiting robot girl.
A miraculous story guided by the stars.
Anime version confirmed for 2016

Key fans have been anxiously hoping for an anime adaptation of Key’s underdog visual novel for many years now since it first debuted on Japanese PCs 2004. The title recently received its first English localisation in 2014, and was celebrated here on Kazamatsuri in our planetarian bookclub. After 12 years of waiting, most had given up hope of ever receiving an animated adaptation of this work. But it seems that finally, our prayers have been answered. How do you feel about this news? Are you still in disbelief, or are you celebrating like us? Why don’t you come to the planetarium?

If you’d like to learn more about planetarian, check out our information page.


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