planetarian Hoshi no Hito Trailer Made Available


The final episode of the planetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~ anime has just finished airing in Japan, and with it comes the tidings of the next part of planetarian’s journey in the animation world. Asmik Ace, the producers of the planetarian anime project, have uploaded the PV of the upcoming planetarian Hoshi no Hito movie on their YouTube channel, with no region-locks, open to your viewing pleasure. However, please be warned that the PV contains heavy spoilers of the Hoshi no Hito drama CD, and you’d best avoid watching this if you want to watch the movie with a clean slate. Warning aside, you can check out the PV below:

The PV also contains a short sample of Lia’s new song, Hoshi no Fune, which releases on September 21. While the film premieres in theaters in Japan on September 3, no news has been announced yet for release overseas. However, if you are as excited as we are about this upcoming film, make sure you check out all 5 episodes of the web animation series, available on Funimation in select regions!

Credits to @DoubleThree1 for this news tip!


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