New Rewrite Anime PV Shown at Comiket 89

As promised, today at Comiket 89, the VisualArt’s booth was showing off a new PV for the Rewrite anime adaptation set to air this coming summer. While there aren’t any animation clips, it does give us a glimpse at some of the anime-style artwork sketches. If anything, its just a reminder that, yes, this is still a thing that is happening.

For your benefit, we also have a translation of the text lines, courtesy of forum member Helios Alpha:

「たとえ未来が閉ざされていても」 “Even if the future is closed off”

「やり直すんだ そして次はうまくやる」 “I’ll do it over, and this time I’ll do it better.” -Kotarou

*「前回いて、生きてきなよ 欲しかったもの、手に入れながら」 “Look ahead, go live, obtaining the thing you want.” -Kotori

「そういう言い方するから、私はあなたが嫌いなんです」 “It’s because you speak like that that I hate you.” -Chihaya

「ここがお前にとって良き場所となれば良いわね」"Wouldn’t it be nice if this place could become a good place for you?” -Akane

「お庭でべんとーたべよう ふたりで」 “Let’s eat lunch in the courtyard, the two of us.” -Shizuru

「いつかきっとこの手袋をとれる日が来ると思うから」 “Because I believe the day will come when I can take off these gloves.” -Lucia

「良い記憶は、悲しいものであってはならない」 “A good memory cannot be anything sad.” -Kagari

「2016 夏 放送予定」 [Planned for summer 2016]

The official Rewrite anime website was updated as well.

Obviously, this isn’t the most exciting PV ever. But in my opinion, something is usually better than nothing. What are your thoughts on this new PV? Does it make you more excited for this summer? Come tell us your thoughts in our Rewrite - Anime Pre-Release Discussion & Speculation topic!

For more information about Rewrite in general, you can check out our Rewrite series page here.


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