[April Fools] New Details of Key's Upcoming Summer Pockets Revealed: A Mecha Game?!


Big Summer Pockets news is here, and it’s certainly not the news we were expecting to wake up to today! Earlier this week pamphlets were handed out at Anime Japan by VisualArt’s depicting new art of the main heroine of Key’s upcoming game Summer Pockets, Shiroha Naruse, standing in front of what appears to be a mecha! Twitter user @Azu612Ritu took the above photo of the pamphlet which immediately caught our attention. I don’t think many of us expected Key to ever make a mecha series, and yet here we are! Turns out there was much more to Summer Pockets than we were originally thinking.

If this is the first you’ve heard of Summer Pockets, you can check out our article from when the title was first announced! What do you think of Key’s decision to make a mecha series? Are you more or less hyped for Summer Pockets than you were before? Be sure to let us know in the discussion below!


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