New Angel Beats! Manga Comes in August

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As teased at the end of Heaven’s Door, all the way back in October, We finally have details on the next part of the Angel Beats! saga coming in only about a month.

As part of the Dengeki 25th anniversary, a new Angel Beats manga will begin serialization under the title Angel Beats! -The Last Operation-. The series will start in the Dengeki G’s Comic October issue which releases on August 30; this first chapter will also be double length. I can’t say exactly how long that is, but a Heaven’s Door chapter was about 20-25 pages, so 40-50 pages is probably a safe guess.

As we knew from before, the new manga will be written by Maeda Jun and illustrated by Asami Yuriko just like Heaven’s Door. Plot-wise it will be going off of what was told in the anime and visual novel but also include the new stories for characters that haven’t gotten their time to shine yet.

That’s about all we know for now. If you want to follow the series, Dengeki Comics can be purchased on Amazon monthly, but it’s significantly easier to to follow the chapters on ComicWalker and purchasing the manga volumes later. However, ComicWalker’s featured chapters are always about 2 months behind the physical releases.

Source: Dengeki G’s

Update August 7: Dengeki just posted two shorter quotes from Maeda and Asami regarding the project.

麻枝 准
7年前に放送が終わったアニメの漫画の連載をまだやっているってすごくないですか? しかもようやく前日譚が終わったところで、本編はこれからがスタートという、なんと壮大な物語なんでしょう。しかも漫画では、アニメでは描けなかった戦線メンバーたちの生前のエピソードと、それぞれ卒業していくところまでをちゃんと描いていこうと思っているので、ヘヴンズドアより長くなるんじゃないかと思います。完結すればまさに一大叙事詩となることでしょう。浅見百合子先生と共に、この巨編を完成させたいと思います。

Maeda Jun
“Isn’t it amazing that the manga for a 7 year old anime can still be serialized? Furthermore with how the prequel just ended and we’re now getting to the main part of the story, you can feel how large a narrative it is. I also want to tell readers about the lives and graduations of SSS members that weren’t in the anime, so this could be longer than Heaven’s Door. If it’s completed, it will be one grand tale. I want to be able to complete that tale along with Asami Yuriko-sensei.”

『Angel Beats! -Heaven’s Door-』を連載開始してから7年。まさかその新作に携わることができるとは思いませんでした! 麻枝さんから頂戴するプロットのおもしろさを、しっかりと読者のかたにお伝えできるよう、がんばりたいと思います! 音無くんや、天使、ゆりたちはもちろん、個人的イチオシの藤巻を是非とも見てくださいね。

Asami Yuriko
“It’s been 7 years since Angel Beats! -Heaven’s Door- started, and I didn’t think I would get to work on a its sequel! I’ll do my best to show readers how fun and interesting Maeda-san’s story is! Please read the continued story of Otonashi, Yuri, and my personal recommendation Fujimaki.”



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