Angel Beats! Heaven's Door Final Chapter Released, New Project Teased


All good things must come to an end.

With Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door completing what it set out to do, this prequel story has seen its last chapter released on the 28th of October in the December issue of Dengeki Comic, with the final manga volume most likely on its way.

But every end marks a new beginning.


Photo by our very own RyuuTamotsu who picked up a copy of the latest Dengeki Comic today.

At the end of this final chapter, a teaser image not unlike the old Angel Beats! anime previews announces a new Angel Beats! manga from Jun Maeda, illustrated by Asami Yuriko, to be serialized in 2017. Claiming to be the, “True Angel Beats! he wanted to write,” this announcement does more than raise a few eyebrows. Quotes on this page, such as “I will drag out God in my way.” and, “Crazy for you!” do much to bring about the familiar vibe you would expect from the series.

It can’t be said what this could mean for the Angel Beats! VN that we haven’t heard about for quite some time, but it’s good to know that the series still has new content, or at least a fresh perspective of the story, confirmed on the horizon.

Look forward to seeing any and all information on this new manga here as it becomes available!

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