Nagisa and Kud figures announced at Wonder Festival 2017!


Some surprising news from the Wonder Festival 2017 hobby convention today! Many years after CLANNAD has come and gone, Good Smile Company have surprised us with the announcement of a Nendoroid of Nagisa Furukawa! For those unaware, Good Smile Company are one of the most popular hobby manufacturers in the world, and their figures have taken the world by storm. Their Nendoroid line depicts characters in superdeformed chibi style.

It always came as a surprise to me personally that CLANNAD never received any figures from Good Smile Company despite the popularity of the series, and I’m not sure why they changed their mind now 13 years after release, but I’m certainly glad they did! But that’s not all the news we have today from Wonder Festival.

Turns out that hobby manufacturer Broccoli have announced that they are developing a figure based on Kudryavka Noumi in commemoration of the recently crowdfunded Kud Wafter anime! You may remember Brocolli as the creator of that amazing Angel Beats! -1st beat- statue of Kanade. With a name like Brocolli behind it, you can expect a very high-quality figure at a steep price point. Kud megafans, this one’s for you!

What do you think of the news? Will you be picking either of these figures up? Any idea why Good Smile is releasing a Nagisa Nendoroid so suddenly? Leave your thoughts below! Thanks to Mitsuna for letting us know about Kud!


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