Mystical Night featuring MintJam, Rita and NanosizeMir announced


It’s been over a year since the last KSL Live in 2016, and fans hungry for Key music concerts have no choice but to look back on KSL Live 2016 through the Blu-ray release. With no news from Key for a new KSL Live, the artists have brought it upon themselves to create a new event: a triple one-man live entitled Mystical Night featuring three big artists in the Key music scene!

Scheduled for July 2, 2017 at Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE, Mystical Night will feature MintJam, Rita and NanosizeMir gracing the audience with their big hits from both Little Busters! and Rewrite. As all three of these artists got their big breaks from being involved with Key’s works, you can expect a big portion of the event to be Key-related, probably performing hits like Little Busters! and Philosophyz. Of course, since this isn’t strictly a KSL Live, you can count on these three performing songs from their own solo careers too, which should give you a glimpse of their other musical offerings outside of Key.

There are three types of tickets for Mystical Night: the first “Ticket A” being a regular ticket costing 4,500 yen; the second “Ticket B”, costing 8800 yen, which gives you earlier access to the venue plus a limited edition T-shirt and drink bottle; and the most premium “Ticket C”, costing 14000 yen, which not only gives you the same benefits as Ticket B, but also participation in the concert-after event, giving you the opportunity to meet, greet, get autographs from, and even have your pictures taken with the three artists.

You can pick up tickets to the event from the links provided on the official website. Since the event is being held in Japan, some knowledge of Japanese is needed to navigate these websites. However, if you do have the luxury of being in Japan on the first week of July, then this is an event you won’t want to miss. And if you need any help with getting a ticket, you can let us know in the discussion below and we’ll gladly refer you with fellow Kaza members who can help you out.


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