A Look at Birthday Song=Requiem and What It Could Mean for the Future

Birthday Song=Requiem

The following article was submitted to us by forumer HeliosAlpha with some slight alterations by our writing staff.

On April Fools, VisualArt’s made a joke announcement about Maeda Jun releasing a debut single on May 1st. The page was taken down as April 1st ended, but you can view a screenshot above. The button on the page allowed you to listen to the full song supposedly titled Birthday Song=Requiem. The song has been rehosted by fans on Youtube after it was taken off of VisualArt’s site, which you can listen to below. It is indeed a very poignant song, and you can find a translation of the lyrics further down. Before that however, I wish to highlight a few interesting points about the song.

The April Fools page said that this would be Maeda’s debut single which caused a great deal of confusion, as Maeda stated that he probably wouldn’t be able to perform ever again almost a year ago. Fans have since speculated that it is instead Hyon who sings this new song, as he sang Maeda’s latest song, Autumn Song.

Another curious point is that we know Maeda is currently working on a new concept album, and as part of announcing said album Maeda revealed the titles and small tidbits of the lyrics for four of the tracks. One tweet talks about a song titled Monolith, and the lyrics revealed for this song are the same as the first stanza of Birthday Song=Requiem. This certainly gives some credibility to the theory that “Love Song 3” will be a Satsubatsu Kids album.

That’s about all the information and speculation we have for now. The other known track titles are ぼくの忘れ物 (That Which I’ve Forgotten), 僕らだけの星 (A Planet for Just the Two of Us), and 約束の唄 (Song of a Promise). However, the joke announcement did designate May 1st as the release date, so a real announcement might be made then.

Below is a translation of the lyrics to Birthday Song=Requiem. I based the translation on the transcription from this blog. Note that the lyrics were transcribed by ear and are not necessarily 100% accurate. Furthermore, and this is something that applies to many of Maeda’s songs, the lines in the song don’t always have the basic requirements for grammatical sentences. This means the lines can be interpreted in a multitude of ways, and interpretations can easily be lost or added in translation.

「あいつはすごい お前は違う」

I hear it from deep within my chest
“He’s amazing. You’re not”
As to not lose, I listen to music
I make it go away

ちょっと前まで 肩並べてた
はずだったのに どこで差が付いた
眩し過ぎて 目が潰れそう

Just a while ago, we were neck and neck
That’s how it was supposed to be. Where did this imbalance comes from
It’s too bright. My eyes will break
Just go away

「君はまだ若いんだし やってみなきゃ」
そう言うあなた様は 才能の塊か

“You’re still young so just try it”
You say that. Are you some embodiment of talent?

救って 誰かさん 居ませんか

The story I denied yelling with swollen eyes
Is still continuing even now
A nightmare or dream, either is better than reality
So please reach out a hand
Help, anyone, are you there?

あなたの脳が 認識してる
景色をちょっと 分けてほしいな
元気が湧いて 勉強もして

Your brain can recognize it
I wish you could share a part of that vista
I perk up and start studying
I also get married

テレビ見て笑ってさ 幸せかい?
次の連休はさ とびきりはしゃぐんだ

Laughing at the TV, is this happiness?
The next holiday I’ll really let loose

届けて ピザ屋さん 居ませんか

The day I cried and screamed my throat sore is getting further away
I was forced to hate it
I at least haven’t lost my appetite. If I eat some good food
That should give me some satisfaction
Come, pizza delivery, are you there?

歌つくる ルルルル ラララと
これどっかで 聴いたことあるな
まあいいか どうせ途中で飽きるんだ

Making songs like nananana lalala
I’ve heard this somewhere
Who cares, I’ll get bored midway through anyway

ゲームならとっくに 売り払ってる
だけど長い人生 まだどっか期待してる

I’ve already sold all my games
But I’m still hoping for a long life

救って 誰かさん 居ませんか この僕さん

The story I denied yelling with swollen eyes
Soon I have to accept it
I’ve lost something and forgotten my dream to sing
So I reach out my hand now as well
Help, anyone, are you there? Save me


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