Little Busters! Greenlight Page Launched

LB! english 2

Today is character1, one of Japan’s biggest events for Visual Novels and VN Producers; and what better way for VisualArt’s to participate in this than with Little Busters! That’s right, as we expected, Little Busters! English Edition is on exhibit today at the Tokyo Big Sight. And with that, comes even better news for us overseas fans: the launch of the Little Busters! greenlight page on steam! Check it out:

With this, we are one step closer to our dream of having Little Busters! localized and fully available for fans all around the world. And they need your help, so make sure you vote “Yes” to this on greenlight.

The page advertises the new features of HD resolutions, instant language switching and tablet support, which we previously detailed. And just to emphasize, this is the Perfect Edition which includes all nine heroine routes, which makes it the first chance for the English-speaking community to experience the EX routes of Saya, Sasami, and Kanata. While there is no sexual content, Perfect Edition offers so much more to the VN that you won’t even miss it.

Everyone at Kazamatsuri is excited for the release of Little Busters!, as it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this community was created for this moment. Make sure to stick around for any more news or details about the game and our own events surrounding the release. Little Busters Hype Van saikou!

Credits to @HeliosAlpha for all the information used in this article.


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