Little Busters! English Edition Opening Published!

Turns out the slew of new announcements from VisualArt’s today isn’t over! Just now, VisualArt’s have published what appears to be the opening video of Little Busters! English Edition! This release was already announced in October 2015 but this is the first media we’ve seen of it since the announcement. Displaying in 720p graphics, could this be a sign that the game will be published in HD? We’ll let you decide!

While no release date has been confirmed, all signs point to a release of Little Busters! English Edition in the next few months! All aboard the Little Busters Hype Van! Let’s spread the word of Little Busters’ steam debut far and wide! #LittleBusters

And don’t forget! As soon as this baby launches we’ll be hosting a Little Busters Bookclub on the forum to commemorate the release! Long-time fans and first-time readers alike will be able to join together to read, discuss each route and work together to come up with theories, celebrate the work with fanart and music, and record podcasts discussing each route as we read. It’s set to be the biggest event for Kazamatsuri ever, so we hope you’ll consider joining the fun! It’s bound to make your readthrough of Little Busters much more memorable. More details to come in the following weeks!

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