KSL Live World 2016: Event Information


VisualArt’s has now made available on their website information about the highly-anticipated KSL Live World 2016 ~the Animation Charlotte & Rewrite~! As we reported some time ago, KSL Live World 2016 will be taking place on April 30th 2016, at Toyosu Pit in Tokyo, and, from the looks of it, it will be all about Charlotte and Rewrite.

The most exciting news to come from this website update is a partial list of participants. While some of the participants were to be expected, others were a delightful surprise!

First up we have Kitazawa Ayaka, a mainstay of KSL Live World since 2013. Next up is Psychic Lover, most well-known for performing the second opening to the Rewrite visual novel, “Rewrite”. Definitely looking forward to a high-energy performance of this song! Third on the list is Tada Aoi, the only performer to have participated in both Charlotte and Rewrite, who is known for performing “Yakeochinai Tsubasa” from Charlotte, “CANOE” from Rewrite, and “Harvest” from Rewrite Harvest festa!

Also participating are NanosizeMir who performed the classic opening to Rewrite, “Philosophyz”. They’ve also produced a few of the other vocal tracks from Rewrite and Harvest festa! Last up is marina, who will be likely representing Charlotte as the vocalist of ZHIEND. They won’t be the only performers, and Key has us waiting with a sneaky “and more…” message at the end of the artist list.

If you’re up for it, here’s all the information you need to get a ticket for the event: tickets will be distributed via an online ticketing platform, peatix, available on web and smartphones. Applications for tickets will be taken from February 23, 6pm JST up to March 2, 6pm JST. By March 2, the entries will be raffled off, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll have the chance to buy a ticket to the event! If you weren’t lucky enough, a second drawing will be held by March 16 to raffle off tickets that might have been canceled by other participants.

If all else fails, general ticket sales start on April 6 at 6pm JST. Be sure to get your tickets on time, as these things tend to sell out fairly quickly! The good thing about this event is that because they are selling the tickets via peatix, buying tickets outside Japan should be a cinch, as they accept multiple payment methods, including PayPal!

Tickets will cost a total of 8800 yen which, while expensive, also includes a color-changing glow stick. These glow sticks are actually a staple of Japanese anime song concerts, but they are usually brought by the more dedicated participants, and are totally optional. It’s pretty interesting that they are providing each and every participant with a glow stick to use during the event. Who knows, maybe this indicates they have some special audience participation in mind!

KSL Live World is an amazing experience, and if you have any chance at all to head to Japan and check it out, I would highly recommend it! If you’re not convinced, you can read our special coverage on last year’s KSL Live World.


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