Key is Coming to Hong Kong!


After the huge success that Key/VisualArt’s has had with their events in Singapore, France and the USA, Key has just revealed their plans to participate in yet another overseas event! Which one, you ask? Why, it’ll be Creative Paradise 02, to be held from July 25-26 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Hong Kong! We at Kazamatsuri have been suspecting this, because of the subtle hint we mentioned in our previous coverage about their overseas website. However, just today, they’ve updated their overseas website, now containing information about their participation in the said event. Check it out at

Creative Paradise is Hong Kong’s own take on Comiket, where both professional and non-professional artists alike will have the opportunity to sell their creative works to participants of the event. And like Comiket, they’ll be having industry guests participating, one of which will be VisualArt’s. As part of their participation, they will be bringing along Shinji Orito, who also participated in CharaExpo in Singapore last month. More details to be released soon with regards to his participation and the merchandise to be sold at the convention.

It was about time that VisualArt’s reached out to the fans in Hong Kong, considering the huge amount of support that they get in the Chinese-speaking community. We’re hoping that Key fans in Hong Kong and around the area will be able to enjoy the full Key experience to be given by VisualArt’s!


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