Kazamatsuri seeking donations for The K.E.Y.


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Over on the Kazoku Collective Patreon, we just posted an appeal to current and potential patrons. Basically, with The K.E.Y. well on its way, we’ve come to realise that if we had more money than we currently do, we could make the project much better than it currently is. Anyway, I’ll let the post speak for itself below and you can see what you think. If you have any input on how to use the patron money, please let us know in the discussion below!

Hey guys! Aspirety here.
I figure I should open this post with a big, tremendous THANK YOU to all who have contributed towards the Kazoku Collective Patreon. It amazes me that so many of you care about the site as much as I do, and with our increasing success and growing running costs, your generous donations have helped the Kazoku Collective reach the heights it has today, so thank you! Reason I’m writing today is because, Kazamatsuri has a big project brewing that you may have heard of by now. It’s called The K.E.Y. It’s a collaborative project by the Kazamatsuri community to produce an international Key fanbook. So far, the collection process has been going pretty smoothly! We’ve received lots of Fanart of Key’s varied series’ and a number of written contributions as well! But the time has come where we must start looking at the financial side of the preparations.

To be honest, this book is going to happen regardless of how much money we put behind it. But you know what? Money makes things better. What we could do on a $1000 budget would be much more impressive than a $0 budget. For this reason, I’ve decided to turn to you guys to appeal for more donations. Let’s look at some of the things we could do with more money.
Firstly, commissions! We’re already commissioning a certain someone to do the front cover of the book, and that’s costing us about $150. What if we commissioned some more well-known artists to create fanart for the book? Someone from Japan, perhaps? With a bit more money behind the project, we could get some big names to help promote the Book through their own amazing artwork. The sky’s the limit! But it’s the kind of thing we can only do more of the more money we have. So that’s one thing your donations would work towards. If you have suggestions of who/what we should commission, please let us know! We’d love to hear your input.
Secondly, there’s giveaways. We’re already sitting on a few Steam keys, but the more prizes we have to give away, the more incentive we create for people to produce content for the book, so giveaways are pretty important. Your donations will help go toward covering the costs of these giveaways. If you have good ideas for prizes, that’s another thing we’d like to hear.
Third, and probably the most important, is publishing costs. We’re still working out how we’re going to go about publishing the book, but the more money we have, the more our options expand, and the cooler the final product will look.
To add some incentive to donate, I am going to guarantee free copies of The K.E.Y. (the physical book) to all who donate at the VIP tier ($20/m) for at least three months. This might seem excessive, but I don’t want to think of this as a preorder system, but more of a reward for a member’s dedication to our cause, and for supporting The K.E.Y. so much. Please don’t think of this as buying a product; there will be plenty of more affordable options to acquire the book once it’s complete.

Just to re-state, this book is definitely happening, with or without your donations. And content contributions mean a lot more to us than financial contributions. But with more money, we can make it even more amazing, with more content and a more impressive final product. So, you can consider it an option for less artistically inclined people to contribute to the project if they truly wish to. Regardless of whether you’re donating or not, thanks to everyone who has supported the Kazoku Collective in any capacity. Without you guys, there is no Collective.

As an aside from the financial side of things, if anybody reading this has suggestions of people we can contact for help publishing, distributing and/or translating the book, we’re very interested in hearing from you. You can reply on the forum or fire us an email at staff@kazoku.co. Any help you can offer is appreciated.


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