Kazamatsuri.org AIR Bookclub Finale: AIR Commemoration Week ~The End of Infinity~


This post marks the end of the AIR Route segment of the AIR Bookclub, and the start of the AIR Bookclub Finale: AIR Commemoration Week ~The End of Infinifty~. What is the AIR Commemoration Week? It’s a week where the entire community are invited to join together in producing a one last push of content for the AIR Bookclub, a week of celebration of everything that AIR is. You can contribute however you feel you would like to, but here’s so me suggestions we have. You might want to revisit all the previous AIR route and character topics and share your final thoughts after having finished the game. You might like to a blog, review, or record a vlog or voice clip sharing your experience of the AIR Bookclub, and what AIR means to you. Maybe you’ll use the time to produce some final fanart for the Bookclub, be it drawn, sung, performed, crafted or whatever! Or maybe you’ll join us for a community viewing of the AIR Anime series.

Once the week is over, some time after the 24th of May, we’ll publish a video titled the AIR Bookclub Anthology showcasing all of the contributions everybody has made for the AIR Bookclub as one final gift to everybody who’s dedicated time and effort to making this bookclub as amazing as it has been. The video will include all of the produced fanart, videos and recordings, as well as live readings of members’ forum posts in AIR General Discussion, so you’ll have added incentive to produce some final content for the Bookclub. We want to make sure this Bookclub ends with a bang, so we’ll be counting on all of you to participate and make this finale amazing!

So, what are you waiting for?


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