AIR BOOKCLUB: Minagi Route Start!


Hey guys! Just a reminder that we’ve started reading Minagi’s route for the AIR BOOKCLUB! From now until the 8th of March, all relevant Bookclub discussion will take place on her discussion topic. As with the common route, we’ll be keeping an eye on both the discussion topic and submissions of Minagi-related fanart in the AIR Fanart topic when deciding on a route MVP.

We’re looking at giving you guys a little more input and enabling you to help shape the content of future podcast episodes, so we’re introducing something we’re calling “Key Points”. The idea is that, we want YOU to specify what kind of topics you’d like us to talk about on each podcast episode! All you have to do is clearly specify a point of interest you’d like to talk to us about in your post, and we’ll take a look at it. If we like it, we’ll try and incorporate it into our discussion on the podcast! We recommend a bolded sentence so it stands out and is easy for us to see. From there you’re free to take your topic and run with it, adding your own thoughts on the matter and bringing some discussion on the forum out of it. Hopefully we see lots of Key Points emerge from this. We look forward to your contributions!

As for the Common Route podcast, I am currently in the process of editing it, and I should have it ready for publishing by the end of tomorrow.

For more information on the AIR BOOKCLUB, please view the original post below:


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