HOLY BREAKER! Translation Project Announced!


Some great news has turned up today~! A fan translation project for HOLY BREAKER! was inconspicuously announced earlier today on Twitter by Skyspear Translations. They are a relatively new group of fan translators, who are currently working on translating Majikoi A-1 and Majikoi S into English, and have now also begun work on translating HOLY BREAKER! into English! They have now created a webpage on which they will share progress details.

If you’re unsure what HOLY BREAKER! is, it’s an almost-but-not-quite-Key Visual Novel developed by H.I. design office and published by VisualArt’s, with Key’s Itaru Hinoue as project head and Leo Kashida as scenario writer. You can find out more about it in our announcement article here.

While we at Kazamatsuri.org don’t strictly consider it a Key visual novel, that doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant to us! We’ll keep you covered on any significant updates here, but for all the latest news on translation progress of various Key (or in this case pseudo-Key) VNs, check out our translations status updates topic!

You can find Skyspear Translations’ website here: https://skyspeartranslations.wordpress.com/

Please show them your support! We’ll be aiming to support their effort however we can as well!


Skyspear Translations have announced on their new webpage that they will not be able to start translation until mid-June. However, they are looking for people to join their team. They are currently in need of the following positions:

-Translation Checker

-Image Editor

If you are interested in helping out, you should check out their webpage and send them an email!


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