Jun Maeda's New "Autumn Song" Catches Us by Surprise

Despite the numerous issues recently on Jun Maeda’s health and condition in general, VisualArt’s surprises us with a sudden release of a new song on their YouTube channel, produced by the man himself. Entitled “Autumn Song,” this song gives us a familiar feel of his previous “Hikkikomori no Uta” but this time, tells us the story of life and one’s journeys in it.

You may have noticed the artist being credited as “Satsubatsu Kids” as opposed to being just to Jun Maeda. Well that’s because he introduces the singer and performer of the song: a mysterious artist only known as Hyon. In the video description, Maeda states that he wanted to perform this song himself, but, regrettably, his operation has left him unable to perform it by himself. Instead, he introduces us this new unit, with Hyon on vocals and guitar. He even states that if people show interest, he might even consider producing a full album!

This is a classic Maeda song through-and-through, with its deep lyrics and complicated melodies. It’s amazing how, despite all the hardships he’s gone through, he always finds a way to continue making music. Just goes to show how much it means to him. You keep on rocking, Jun Maeda!


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