Harmonia Theme Songs and Trading Cards Now on Steam!


Key has done it again, folks! As they had done with Tomoyo After just a few weeks ago, Key has announced an update for Harmonia, allowing users to obtain both trading cards for the game, and the main themes of Harmonia as a DLC!

The main themes; namely, Towa no Hoshi e, an insert song, and Todoketai Melody, the ending song; were released exclusively at Key 15th fes, which made it fairly hard to get a hand on these songs. But now, practically anybody can grab these via Steam, for a fairly low price of $3.99. It’s even on a 20% sale from now until October 29!

The trading cards being offered are the full package, to be expected from trading cards in steam. Complete a full set using cards containing scenes from Harmonia, such as Rei’s Awakening, Shiona’s Song, and so on, and earn badges to obtain emoticons and profile background that you can use in the Steam community. Sweet!

Will this be another race to completing the trading cards? Let us know your progress for Harmonia trading cards in the discussion, and who knows, you might even find someone willing to help you complete your set.


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